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Welcome to Talbot Perkins Children's Services

In 1923, Rebecca Talbot Perkins began the mission of what in 1927 would become incorporated as Talbot Perkins Children's Services. This mission was to strengthen, preserve and build families while supporting the development of children in the New York metropolitan area. Once incorporated, an adoption agency was established that grew, over the next 75 years, to offer foster care, adoption, foster care preventive, day care, and international adoption services. Simply, our guiding philosophy was based on the principle that in order to succeed, a child needs the permanence of family. We sought to provide stability in children's lives through strengthening the family unit. In circumstances where the birth family was too unstable, we sought to place the child with a loving foster or adoptive family who could meet its needs.Now, it is with a great deal of sadness that we must inform you that after 75 years of service to thousands of children and families in the New York City area, Talbot Perkins Children's Services must discontinue its operation. On December 4, 2001, the Board of Directors decided that it was no longer possible for the agency to provide services to the hundreds of children and families entrusted to its care. This decision to close was not made lightly, but we needed to recognize that our finances could no longer support the high quality of service that we believed to be important

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Seeking Information About Adoptions

We know that there will be people who, in the past were adopted through Talbot Perkins and may, in the future, wish to receive non-identifying information about their histories. Requests for such information may be made by contacting the New York State Department of Health, Adoption Information Registry by calling, 518 474 9600 or 518 474 1746. The most effective contact is probably by mail. Write to:

Peter Carucci, Director of Vital Records
NY State Department of Health
Adoption Information Registry
P.O. Box 2602
Albany, New York 12220-2602

The Registry will give you information about the location of your records and the procedure for requesting information from Spence Chapin Family Services, 1923-1960 or from NYC Administration for Children's Services (1960-2002).

To Our Supporters

We thank all of the many people who provided support to Talbot Perkins for the past 75 years. Talbot Perkins Children's Services was highly regarded as a service to children and families.

The voluntary Board of Directors shared their wisdom and resources to provide guidance and policy to staff, supporting the agency's goal to provide the highest quality of service.

The staff should be recognized for being counted among the most dedicated of social service providers in NYC. They will long be remembered by the children and parents served by this organization.

Our foster parents cared for the children, and many of them became adoptive parents of children who significantly benefited from their parenting. The children who were able to return to their families took with them the love and caring that they received from their foster parents, helping them to define their futures.

Many volunteers helped to enhance direct services through such activities as tutoring and mentoring. Each child who had this advantage was forever touched in a special way.

The many who participated in fund raising events and who generously gave of time and money, should feel secure in knowing that 90% of all contributions went to direct services for children and families. Your contributions did make a difference.

2001 Talbot Perkins Children's Services
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